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Chinese Currency Exchange and Transfer

Whether you are traveling abroad, studying abroad, immigrating, investing or operating business, as long as you have the exchange demand between RMB and Australian dollar or RMB and other foreign currencies, ChangJiang Currency Exchange will provide you with safe, fast and favourable RMB exchange services.

Major World Currency Exchange

In addition to Chinese Currency Exchange and Transfer, ChangJiang also provides you with the exchange of the Major World Currency , including US dollar(USD), British Pound (GBP), Canadian dollar(CAD), Euro(EUR), Hong Kong dollar(HKD), New Zealand dollar(NZD), Singapore dollar(SGD) and Japanese yen(JPY) ect.

Domestic Payment and International Transfer

In addition to currency exchange business, ChangJiang also provides you with fast and favourable Domestic Payment and International Transfer services. By means of cash or transfer remittance, ChangJiang will make international payments and transfer of Australian dollars and foreign currencies on behalf of you at low or even free fees, so that your remittances can reach all over the world quickly and safely.

Business Cooperation Program

If you are a business or organization that has a large platform of high-quality customers, for example: accountant, lawyer, migration agent, education agent, real estate agent, loan broker, property developer. You are welcome to discuss with ChangJiang about win-win cooperation program, you do not need to open business outlets or have investment funds, without any risk, you can earn considerable returns and benefits.

Locking Rate Transaction

We also provide a rate-locking service for customers in avoidance the fluctuations of the exchange rates

Locking procedures: lock the rate -> obtain CJ’s bank account-> transfer confirmed amounts->send your transaction proof -> received and pay

  • lock the rate: please check with tellers the rate and amount of the currencies you want to exchange;
  • Obtain CJ’s bank account: please contact ChangJiang for the relevant bank account details of the intended currency;
  • transfer confirmed amounts: please transfer the confirmed amounts into the bank account said above within three hours;
  • send your transaction proof: please send your transaction receipt(s) to our;
  • received and pay: Once we have received the transferred amount, we will contact you and pay you the confirmed amount through the discussed method.
  • Transaction flow


  • Please bring valid documents to our branch and verify your details. If this is your first time making a deposit, you are required to bring all registration documents (please see Account Registration Instructions) and fill in the registration form, including bank details of payee.
  • Notes: According to the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) Act, AUSTRAC requires us to declare all transactions equal and over AUD $20,000 and equivalent. For source verification purposes, you are required to provide evidence of the sources of funds.
  • Electronic Transfer

    Obtain account→ Accept transfer→ Send receipt→Redemption

  • Obtain account: On the day of remittance, please call or send e-mail to Changjiang asking for a valid bank account (This account is only valid for the day, and the account information should be confirmed on the next day).
  • Accept transfer: transfer to the bank account as given as Step1.
  • Send receipt: After the transfer is completed, please send back the transfer receipt to Changjiang with information below
    Name of remitter
    Payee’s name and contact number
  • Redemption:We will contact you after payment is received, you can choose to redeem it when the exchange rate is satisfactory. After the redemption, the payee would need valid identification to withdrawal the fund, either in cash or bank transfer
  • Material needed to open an account

    Customer Verification

    Official Picture ID


    Driver License

    Bills with current address

    Bank Statement

    Water/Electricity Bill

    Mobile Bill

    Information of Receiver

    Account/Card Number

    Receiver Name

    Detailed Address

    Please bring valid certificates (Driving license from Australia/passport/photo ID) and related supporting materials (bank card/medicare card/address certificate within three months) to the counter to fill in the Registration form.

    Note: One of the following information can be selected:

    1. Driving License from Australia + Bank Card or Medicare Card

    2. Passport or photo ID + Address Certification within 3 months (Bank Bill, Water Bill, etc.)


    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Company Extract (which can be obtained from your company accountant(s) or ASIC website)
    • Photo IDs of company directors (from more than half of the company directors. Please refer to the registration documents for an individual account)
    • Photo IDs of shareholder(s) (from shareholders with more than 25% of your company’s stocks if any).