Product Rates Time(AUEST)
AUD Cash TO RMB Cash:4.4815 AUD Cash TO RMB TT:4.4825
RMB Cash TO AUD Cash:4.8485 RMB Cash TO AUD TT:4.8035
AUD TT TO RMB Cash:4.5274 AUD TT TO RMB TT:4.6224
RMB TT TO AUD Cash:4.7771 RMB TT TO AUD TT:4.7773
2022-06-27 10:56:34
USD Cash TO RMB Cash:6.6363 USD Cash TO RMB TT:6.6559
RMB Cash TO USD Cash:7.0088 RMB Cash TO USD TT:6.9889
USD TT TO RMB Cash:6.5673 USD TT TO RMB TT:6.6061
RMB TT TO USD Cash:6.9266 RMB TT TO USD TT:6.7915
2022-06-27 12:30:26
AUD Cash TO USD Cash:0.6847 AUD Cash TO USD TT:0.6847
USD Cash TO AUD Cash:0.7065 USD Cash TO AUD TT:0.7065
AUD TT TO USD Cash:0.6847 AUD TT TO USD TT:0.6847
USD TT TO AUD Cash:0.7010 USD TT TO AUD TT:0.7010
2022-06-27 12:32:25
AUD Cash TO HKD Cash:5.3659 AUD Cash TO HKD TT:5.4359
HKD Cash TO AUD Cash:5.5690 HKD Cash TO AUD TT:5.4891
AUD TT TO HKD Cash:5.3689 AUD TT TO HKD TT:5.3910
HKD TT TO AUD Cash:5.4771 HKD TT TO AUD TT:5.5070
2022-05-31 10:17:31
AUD Cash TO EUR Cash:0.6379 AUD Cash TO EUR TT:0.6481
EUR Cash TO AUD Cash:0.6711 EUR Cash TO AUD TT:0.6835
AUD TT TO EUR Cash:0.6470 AUD TT TO EUR TT:0.6502
EUR TT TO AUD Cash:0.6681 EUR TT TO AUD TT:0.6681
2022-06-27 12:32:25
AUD Cash TO GBP Cash:0.5535 AUD Cash TO GBP TT:0.5610
GBP Cash TO AUD Cash:0.5713 GBP Cash TO AUD TT:0.5761
AUD TT TO GBP Cash:0.5461 AUD TT TO GBP TT:0.5541
GBP TT TO AUD Cash:0.5651 GBP TT TO AUD TT:0.5651
2022-06-27 12:32:25
AUD Cash TO JPY Cash:91.91 AUD Cash TO JPY TT:93.15
JPY Cash TO AUD Cash:93.74 JPY Cash TO AUD TT:93.74
AUD TT TO JPY Cash:92.40 AUD TT TO JPY TT:92.12
JPY TT TO AUD Cash:93.84 JPY TT TO AUD TT:93.84
2022-06-27 12:32:25
AUD Cash TO NZD Cash:1.0754 AUD Cash TO NZD TT:1.0952
NZD Cash TO AUD Cash:1.1119 NZD Cash TO AUD TT:1.1353
AUD TT TO NZD Cash:1.0972 AUD TT TO NZD TT:1.0532
NZD TT TO AUD Cash:1.1232 NZD TT TO AUD TT:1.1232
2022-06-27 12:32:25
AUD Cash TO CAD Cash:0.8715 AUD Cash TO CAD TT:0.8776
CAD Cash TO AUD Cash:0.9046 CAD Cash TO AUD TT:0.9053
AUD TT TO CAD Cash:0.8736 AUD TT TO CAD TT:0.8806
CAD TT TO AUD Cash:0.8953 CAD TT TO AUD TT:0.8953
2022-06-27 12:32:25
AUD Cash TO CHF Cash:0.6473 AUD Cash TO CHF TT:0.6577
CHF Cash TO AUD Cash:0.6751 CHF Cash TO AUD TT:0.6796
AUD TT TO CHF Cash:0.6498 AUD TT TO CHF TT:0.6606
CHF TT TO AUD Cash:0.6677 CHF TT TO AUD TT:0.6677
2022-06-27 12:32:25
AUD Cash TO MYR Cash:2.4465 AUD Cash TO MYR TT:2.4220
MYR Cash TO AUD Cash:3.5688 MYR Cash TO AUD TT:3.5835
AUD TT TO MYR Cash:2.4180 AUD TT TO MYR TT:2.4320
MYR TT TO AUD Cash:3.4611 MYR TT TO AUD TT:3.4611
2022-05-31 10:17:31
AUD Cash TO INR Cash:52.3730 AUD Cash TO INR TT:53.2430
INR Cash TO AUD Cash:58.7130 INR Cash TO AUD TT:58.7130
AUD TT TO INR Cash:52.3730 AUD TT TO INR TT:53.3650
INR TT TO AUD Cash:56.4130 INR TT TO AUD TT:56.4130
2022-05-31 10:17:31
AUD Cash TO PHP Cash:35.9953 AUD Cash TO PHP TT:36.0016
PHP Cash TO AUD Cash:39.5750 PHP Cash TO AUD TT:39.5115
AUD TT TO PHP Cash:36.1016 AUD TT TO PHP TT:36.1016
PHP TT TO AUD Cash:38.7798 PHP TT TO AUD TT:38.7798
2022-05-31 10:17:31
AUD Cash TO SGD Cash:0.9393 AUD Cash TO SGD TT:0.9715
SGD Cash TO AUD Cash:0.9766 SGD Cash TO AUD TT:1.0045
AUD TT TO SGD Cash:0.9745 AUD TT TO SGD TT:0.9745
SGD TT TO AUD Cash:0.9905 SGD TT TO AUD TT:0.9905
2022-05-31 10:17:31
AUD Cash TO THB Cash:23.6223 AUD Cash TO THB TT:24.2085
THB Cash TO AUD Cash:24.6519 THB Cash TO AUD TT:27.7485
AUD TT TO THB Cash:23.2585 AUD TT TO THB TT:24.3085
THB TT TO AUD Cash:27.6485 THB TT TO AUD TT:27.6485
2022-05-31 10:17:31
AUD Cash TO TWD Cash:19.1973 AUD Cash TO TWD TT:18.2593
TWD Cash TO AUD Cash:20.9144 TWD Cash TO AUD TT:24.2283
AUD TT TO TWD Cash:17.5093 AUD TT TO TWD TT:18.4593
TWD TT TO AUD Cash:24.2283 TWD TT TO AUD TT:24.2283
2022-05-31 10:17:31
USD Cash TO HKD Cash:7.7135 USD Cash TO HKD TT:7.7535
HKD Cash TO USD Cash:7.9498 HKD Cash TO USD TT:7.9298
USD TT TO HKD Cash:7.7635 USD TT TO HKD TT:7.8435
HKD TT TO USD Cash:7.8898 HKD TT TO USD TT:7.8697
2022-06-27 12:26:26
CAD Cash TO HKD Cash:6.0030 CAD Cash TO HKD TT:6.0529
HKD Cash TO CAD Cash:6.1891 HKD Cash TO CAD TT:6.1691
CAD TT TO HKD Cash:6.0329 CAD TT TO HKD TT:6.0829
HKD TT TO CAD Cash:6.1761 HKD TT TO CAD TT:6.1090
2022-05-31 10:17:31
EUR Cash TO RMB Cash:6.9168 EUR Cash TO RMB TT:6.9168
RMB Cash TO EUR Cash:7.1968 RMB Cash TO EUR TT:7.1968
EUR TT TO RMB Cash:6.9418 EUR TT TO RMB TT:6.9718
RMB TT TO EUR Cash:7.1918 RMB TT TO EUR TT:7.3218
2022-05-31 10:17:31
USD Cash TO TWD Cash:60.4920 USD Cash TO TWD TT:60.4920
TWD Cash TO USD Cash:61.1140 TWD Cash TO USD TT:61.1140
USD TT TO TWD Cash:60.4920 USD TT TO TWD TT:60.4920
TWD TT TO USD Cash:61.1140 TWD TT TO USD TT:61.1140
2022-06-27 09:10:20
USD Cash TO THB Cash:35.0956 USD Cash TO THB TT:35.0956
THB Cash TO USD Cash:35.7344 THB Cash TO USD TT:35.7344
USD TT TO THB Cash:35.0956 USD TT TO THB TT:35.0956
THB TT TO USD Cash:35.7344 THB TT TO USD TT:35.7344
2022-06-27 12:32:47
USD Cash TO SGD Cash:1.3717 USD Cash TO SGD TT:1.3717
SGD Cash TO USD Cash:1.3993 SGD Cash TO USD TT:1.3993
USD TT TO SGD Cash:1.3717 USD TT TO SGD TT:1.3717
SGD TT TO USD Cash:1.3993 SGD TT TO USD TT:1.3993
2022-06-27 12:30:26
USD Cash TO PHP Cash:54.4309 USD Cash TO PHP TT:54.4309
PHP Cash TO USD Cash:55.4791 PHP Cash TO USD TT:55.4791
USD TT TO PHP Cash:54.4309 USD TT TO PHP TT:54.4309
PHP TT TO USD Cash:55.4791 PHP TT TO USD TT:55.4791
2022-06-27 12:32:11
USD Cash TO MYR Cash:4.3603 USD Cash TO MYR TT:4.3603
MYR Cash TO USD Cash:4.4437 MYR Cash TO USD TT:4.4437
USD TT TO MYR Cash:4.3603 USD TT TO MYR TT:4.3603
MYR TT TO USD Cash:4.4437 MYR TT TO USD TT:4.4437
2022-06-27 11:44:05
USD Cash TO INR Cash:77.5443 USD Cash TO INR TT:77.5443
INR Cash TO USD Cash:78.9377 INR Cash TO USD TT:78.9377
USD TT TO INR Cash:77.5443 USD TT TO INR TT:77.5443
INR TT TO USD Cash:78.9377 INR TT TO USD TT:78.9377
2022-06-27 12:15:36
USD Cash TO JPY Cash:133.57 USD Cash TO JPY TT:133.57
JPY Cash TO USD Cash:135.22 JPY Cash TO USD TT:135.12
USD TT TO JPY Cash:133.57 USD TT TO JPY TT:134.52
JPY TT TO USD Cash:135.22 JPY TT TO USD TT:134.92
2022-06-27 12:31:27
EUR Cash TO USD Cash:1.0493 EUR Cash TO USD TT:1.0503
USD Cash TO EUR Cash:1.0783 USD Cash TO EUR TT:1.0683
EUR TT TO USD Cash:1.0453 EUR TT TO USD TT:1.0553
USD TT TO EUR Cash:1.0763 USD TT TO EUR TT:1.0592
2022-06-27 12:32:25
EUR Cash TO HKD Cash:8.2357 EUR Cash TO HKD TT:8.2557
HKD Cash TO EUR Cash:8.4321 HKD Cash TO EUR TT:8.4121
EUR TT TO HKD Cash:8.2357 EUR TT TO HKD TT:8.2858
HKD TT TO EUR Cash:8.4321 HKD TT TO EUR TT:8.3121
2022-05-31 10:17:31
USD Cash TO CAD Cash:1.2594 USD Cash TO CAD TT:1.2694
CAD Cash TO USD Cash:1.2942 CAD Cash TO USD TT:1.2942
USD TT TO CAD Cash:1.2634 USD TT TO CAD TT:1.2854
CAD TT TO USD Cash:1.2922 CAD TT TO USD TT:1.2892
2022-06-27 12:29:27
NZD Cash TO USD Cash:0.6215 NZD Cash TO USD TT:0.6256
USD Cash TO NZD Cash:0.6456 USD Cash TO NZD TT:0.6436
NZD TT TO USD Cash:0.6215 NZD TT TO USD TT:0.6305
USD TT TO NZD Cash:0.6446 USD TT TO NZD TT:0.6336
2022-06-27 12:32:25
NZD Cash TO TWD Cash:15.8028 NZD Cash TO TWD TT:16.5528
TWD Cash TO NZD Cash:20.6210 TWD Cash TO NZD TT:20.5210
NZD TT TO TWD Cash:15.8028 NZD TT TO TWD TT:16.7528
TWD TT TO NZD Cash:20.8210 TWD TT TO NZD TT:20.5210
2022-05-31 10:17:31
NZD Cash TO JPY Cash:83.96 NZD Cash TO JPY TT:84.61
JPY Cash TO NZD Cash:85.71 JPY Cash TO NZD TT:85.21
NZD TT TO JPY Cash:83.96 NZD TT TO JPY TT:84.91
JPY TT TO NZD Cash:85.61 JPY TT TO NZD TT:85.11
2022-06-27 12:32:25
NZD Cash TO HKD Cash:4.8640 NZD Cash TO HKD TT:4.9240
HKD Cash TO NZD Cash:5.0609 HKD Cash TO NZD TT:5.0009
NZD TT TO HKD Cash:4.8841 NZD TT TO HKD TT:4.9440
HKD TT TO NZD Cash:5.0509 HKD TT TO NZD TT:4.9709
2022-05-31 10:17:31
NZD Cash TO EUR Cash:0.5815 NZD Cash TO EUR TT:0.5934
EUR Cash TO NZD Cash:0.6075 EUR Cash TO NZD TT:0.6044
NZD TT TO EUR Cash:0.5844 NZD TT TO EUR TT:0.5964
EUR TT TO NZD Cash:0.6135 EUR TT TO NZD TT:0.6015
2022-06-27 12:32:25
NZD Cash TO RMB Cash:4.1840 NZD Cash TO RMB TT:4.2362
RMB Cash TO NZD Cash:4.3960 RMB Cash TO NZD TT:4.3260
NZD TT TO RMB Cash:4.1940 NZD TT TO RMB TT:4.1520
RMB TT TO NZD Cash:4.3861 RMB TT TO NZD TT:4.3013
2022-05-31 10:17:31
HKD Cash TO TWD Cash:2.8732 HKD Cash TO TWD TT:2.9432
TWD Cash TO HKD Cash:4.6022 TWD Cash TO HKD TT:4.6022
HKD TT TO TWD Cash:2.8732 HKD TT TO TWD TT:2.9632
TWD TT TO HKD Cash:4.6022 TWD TT TO HKD TT:4.5822
2022-05-31 10:17:31
HKD Cash TO MYR Cash:0.4523 HKD Cash TO MYR TT:0.4603
MYR Cash TO HKD Cash:0.6090 MYR Cash TO HKD TT:0.6080
HKD TT TO MYR Cash:0.4523 HKD TT TO MYR TT:0.4613
MYR TT TO HKD Cash:0.6110 MYR TT TO HKD TT:0.6030
2022-05-31 10:17:31
HKD Cash TO RMB Cash:0.8596 HKD Cash TO RMB TT:0.8676
RMB Cash TO HKD Cash:0.8938 RMB Cash TO HKD TT:0.8928
HKD TT TO RMB Cash:0.8596 HKD TT TO RMB TT:0.8297
RMB TT TO HKD Cash:0.8938 RMB TT TO HKD TT:0.8776
2022-05-31 10:17:31
GBP Cash TO USD Cash:1.2155 GBP Cash TO USD TT:1.2155
USD Cash TO GBP Cash:1.2409 USD Cash TO GBP TT:1.2409
GBP TT TO USD Cash:1.2155 GBP TT TO USD TT:1.2155
USD TT TO GBP Cash:1.2409 USD TT TO GBP TT:1.2409
2022-06-27 12:32:25
GBP Cash TO HKD Cash:9.5776 GBP Cash TO HKD TT:9.6076
HKD Cash TO GBP Cash:9.9178 HKD Cash TO GBP TT:9.7478
GBP TT TO HKD Cash:9.5276 GBP TT TO HKD TT:9.6576
HKD TT TO GBP Cash:9.9178 HKD TT TO GBP TT:9.6878
2022-05-31 10:17:31
GBP Cash TO RMB Cash:8.2142 GBP Cash TO RMB TT:8.2580
RMB Cash TO GBP Cash:8.4951 RMB Cash TO GBP TT:8.4551
GBP TT TO RMB Cash:8.2280 GBP TT TO RMB TT:8.2401
RMB TT TO GBP Cash:8.4851 RMB TT TO GBP TT:8.5241
2022-05-31 10:17:31