Changjiang Currency Exchange is a legitimate operating company approved by the Australian government, and all the transactions and funds you have received in Changjiang swap are protected and supervised by Australian law and the Australian Financial Transactions Reporting and Analysis center.
There is no limit if the amount received is through bank transfer. However, you should not exceed $10,000 AUD including transfer fees if by cash, or a proof of the source of your cash will be required for the amount over $10,000 AUD, e.g. withdrawal receipts, payslips etc.
If you have already had an account with us, you could continue transactions with us through phone calls or emails no matter where you are. For customers who are outside of Melbourne, you could mail us your certified copies for the account registration before we could carry out any transactions.
Changjiang Currency Exchange has extensive business relations and selective trading with many banks and financial institutions. Changjiang has maintained a high turnover and high credibility in the industry, from the source to obtain more preferential wholesale exchange rate. Changjiang provides customers with integrity, professional, quality, efficient currency exchange and global remittance one-stop service.
For all remittances, at a minimum, you will be required to provide the sender's account name, payee's address, bank account or card number, detailed name and address of the bank. In addition, it is best to provide the beneficiary bank's International Remittance code (SWIFT code) or the Bank's branch code (such as Australia's BSB code, UK’s sort code, ABA code or routing number in the United States, IBAN number in Europe, etc.). So that your money can be arrived at the designated account accurately in the shortest time.
Changjiang Currency Exchange can provide you with a more competitive exchange rate to minimize your costs in transaction. In addition, Changjiang can provide more flexible trading and services models than banks with faster service and lower service fees.
Please notify Changjiang Currency Exchange immediately, we will help you to re-transfer to the correct account after receiving the refunds. Also, if we receive a refund first, we will contact you to arrange a further remittance. Of course, we also remind you that when you first submit your account information to us, please make sure that the information is accurate as much as possible.
We have specially designated a rate-locking service for our treasured customers. You could simply contact our tellers to confirm the rate, amounts and complete the transaction(s) within three hours for a successful rate-locking service.