International Student


To pay expensive tuition fees and living expenses, international students usually carry some foreign currency when they come to Australia. It’s usually large amounts of cash, or overseas credit cards that was registered before they come, which always result in cash missing, or high commission charges and bad exchange rates that adds more pressure to study life.


Changjiang Currency Exchange is well aware that every overseas student carries their parents’ expectations, and every transaction contains their parents’ deep care and hope. Changjiang Currency Exchange offers a convenient, professional and secured one-stop service in currency exchange, which can flexibly meet the needs of students to exchange RMB to any other foreign currency. If you are a registered trading user of Changjiang Currency Exchange, you can make currency exchange anytime and anywhere during office hours.

If you still choose to carry foreign currency cash, Changjiang will help you exchange into Australian dollars at the most competitive exchange rate to save your costs.

Overseas Investment


As the reserve bank of Australia keeps cutting interest rates, AUD exchange rate continues to decline, as well as the favorable environment and climate in Australia, the real estate industry in Australia has further become the focus of new immigrants and numerous domestic investors. However, some investors want to remit the down payment from domestic country to Australia in a lump sum, they realize that there is a limited amount for foreign exchange for every citizen every year in China, Which under US$50,000 Thus, they cannot remit a large amount of money to the Australian account in a lump sum and may result in missing the opportunity to buy a property.


Changjiang Currency Exchange provides a simplified solution for the clients in this situation. Clients transfer RMB to domestic account of Changjiang, and then Changjiang directly transfer the Australian dollar into the trust account of the house settle, which takes only a few hours. In addition, if the customer transfers more than a certain amount, the customer can enjoy a more competitive VIP exchange rate.

Adhering to the concept of “convenient service”, with experienced currency exchange experts, Changjiang Currency Exchange provides all customers with high-quality foreign exchange services in accordance with legal and formal operation procedures.

Export $ Import Business

Background 背景分析

With the increase of Chinese population in Australia, many domestic enterprises have become importers in Australia, especially Asian food suppliers and building materials suppliers. Importing companies regularly pay RMB, USD or other local currency of southeast Asian countries to suppliers. The usual problems are bank’s high exchange rates, high service charges, or restricted amounts to remit.


Changjiang Currency Exchange provides a series of comprehensive two-way currency exchange services, enabling many enterprises to complete the currency exchange and payment operations quickly and safely.

If the company is an Australian importer, Changjiang will provide the source exchange rate to help the company to complete the currency exchange between AUD and settlement currency. Also, the company can authorize Changjiang to directly transit the payment to the bank account of the designated overseas supplier.

If the company is an Australian exporter, Changjiang will provide any appropriate ways of receiving the company’s trade settlement currency and exchanging it into AUD at the source exchange rate, which will then be fully paid to the company’s account in one lump sum by cash, cheque or transaction.

Immigration Case


With the intensification of cooperation between China and Australia, and the advantages of Australia’s stable social environment, political situation and advanced education system, Australia has become a new favorite of many Chinese investors. By the end of 2014, as many as 88% of the successful SIV visa applicants were from China, and the 5 million Australian immigrant investor program continues to rage. As some of the investment immigrants’ money comes from overseas, and the source of those large amounts cannot be verified. Once the Australian visa officer does not approve the way of remittance, the visa approval will be stopped halfway, resulting in the failure of immigration.


For this purpose, Changjiang has developed a remittance solution. First, Australia’s funds will be remitted back to domestic RMB account, after whole amount of money has been successfully received, then remit this part of money into Changjiang’s domestic RMB account. Then Changjiang will transit corresponding AUD to investor’s designated Australian account. This entire process takes 5 business days to complete, and the funds are successfully returned. After the transaction, Changjiang can issue a remittance certificate as required by customers, which successfully explains the source of funds.

Due to the large volatility, Changjiang experts will give suggestions to help customers choose the most appropriate timing of remittance, and reduce the loss to a minimum. Changjiang offers the most competitive exchange rate in the industry, aiming to provide every customer with the most intimate and the best quality of one-stop service.